Requesting an ICP on our network

Every connection to our network has its own ICP (installation connection point) number, a unique 15 character number that identifies it as an individual power connection.

Established properties within our network generally have a current connection point and corresponding ICP number attached, which can be found on your current electricity bill, as well as via a quick address search at


If your new build has been connected to our network and you’re ready to turn the power on, the following step-guide is for you.


Complete and submit an ICP Request form.


Counties Energy will generate your ICP number and communicate this to you via email, along with details of the connection type that has been supplied.


To activate the power supply at your site, please provide your ICP number to your chosen energy retailer. They will set up your electricity account.


Your chosen energy retailer will request (a legal obligation) an electrical inspection, and a meter will be installed.


Your site is now live. On-going usage, billing, and maintenance is managed by your selected energy retailer.

Request an ICP

Complete the below form to request an installation connection point (ICP), to connect your electricity to our network, via your retailer.