Connecting 1 - 5 new properties to our network.

The following information has been designed for residential customers, businesses, developers, and tradespeople who are looking to connect up to five new lots to the Counties Energy distribution network.

Moved into a new property that’s already connected to our network?  Click here for information about local energy retailers who supply Counties Energy customers.

Let's get connected.

For safety and technical reasons, each new connection to our network requires an assessment by our team. An assessment (accompanied by a quote, should additional work be required to enable a connection) takes place following the successful completion of a New Connection Site Location form, which is usually completed by an electrician, a surveyor or the customer.  


Each new property, or lot, that is to be connected to our  network requires its own connection point before power can be supplied. For example, if you are looking to build three new dwellings on a plot of land, then three new connections will be required, along with three completed forms for new connections. 


All new connections to our network are subject to Counties Energy’s capital contribution policy. This states that the owner of a new connection will contribute towards the cost of extending the network infrastructure, should additional work be required to ensure a safe, reliable delivery of electricity to the new premises.

Residential new connections

Complete this form to request a design and quote if you are connecting 1 – 5 new residential lots on the Counties Energy network.