Electrical inspections

By law, power can’t be supplied to a new or renovated building until it has passed an electrical inspection. This is the final check to ensure that there will be a safe supply of power to your property once your electrician has completed their work.

Read more about the inspection process, including the steps involved, timings, and associated costs, below.

Electrical inspector with notepad.
How to book an inspection and liven your power supply

Set up an energy contract with your nominated energy retailer

This is an agreement between yourself as a power consumer and an energy retailer to whom you will pay your monthly energy bills. You must have a contract in place before electricity can be made live to a premise. Need help finding a local retailer? Click here.


Request a meter installation through your energy retailer

To turn the power on at the property, a smart meter must be installed. There are a few different types of inspections depending on where you are in the build process and what type of connection you have. We recommend that you seek the advice of an electrician to ensure that you request the correct type of inspection, and that the site is ready for inspection, as failed inspections incur an extra fee.

Please be aware that before power can be permanently turned on at a property, a Certificate of Compliance (COC) must be issued for both the internal wiring and the mains cable by an authorised electrical contractor. On receipt of a compliance certificate, Counties Energy will receive the request to install a smart meter, test and liven your supply from your energy retailer. Associated inspection costs are outlined below.

Conditions and payment

Counties Energy requires upfront payment of inspection charges prior to booking an appointment. When we have received a request from your retailer, we will send an invoice and a payment link to the bill payer for the inspection type requested.

Once the payment has been received by us, your inspection date will be confirmed.

We aim to have all bookings processed within five business days of the retailer’s request. However, bookings can only be confirmed once payment for the service has been received.

Counties Energy carries out inspections on weekdays, excluding public holidays. Bookings can be requested as morning or afternoon appointments. Our normal working day is 7:30am – 4:00pm.

Bookings are confirmed by email, phone, or text message once payment has been received by Counties Energy.

NOTE: Cancellations or changes to bookings within two working days of the job will be charged in full if we are unable to rebook our inspector.

Costs associated with testing and compliance are outlined as follows. Please make sure you account for these costs as part of your budget.

From 01 April 2024 pricing for Inspections and Livening will increase to the following:

Builders temporary supply (BTS)

A BTS is installed during the building process so that your builders can power their tools. A BTS is set up as a business supply. Counties Energy charge $404.00+GST to set up a BTS.

Permanent supply
When your build is complete you will need to change your BTS supply to a permanent supply. The Counties Energy smart meter will be installed inside your mains board. Your retailer will discuss with you the correct supply tariff to apply to your connection. Counties Energy charges $493.00 +GST for establishing a permanent supply.

Current transformer (CT) metering
Any connection that draws over 100 amps requires a current transformer (CT) to be built into the mains board on the Counties Energy network. Your electrician will be able to guide you on the CT metering requirements. Counties Energy charges $633.50 +GST for CT metering.

Site inspection
If your site has not been connected for over six months, or you have made alterations to the mains, meter boxes or any part of the mains supply – you will require your site inspected prior to going live. Counties Energy charges $261.00 +GST for a site inspection.

Upgrades or downgrades
If you are changing the supply at an installation your site will require an inspection. Counties Energy charges $261.00 +GST for upgrade or downgrade inspections.

Site not ready charge
If your site is not ready or does not pass electrical tests on the day, you will be charged in full, and your inspection will need to be rebooked.

For further assistance with electrical inspections, please speak with your electrician, or contact us.