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We’re Toitū carbonreduce certified!

We’re proud to have achieved our Toitū carbonreduce certification – joining a collective of organisations leading the way to a low carbon future.

To achieve this certification, we measured our carbon emissions, had the numbers verified externally and set emissions reduction targets. We’ve set emissions reduction targets of 21% by 2025 and 42% by 2030.

Our journey to achieve this has already begun as we’ve launched our pilot programme of operating our first hybrid electric truck battery. One of our bucket trucks has been modified to include a rechargeable electric battery, enabling the diesel engine to be switched off for any remaining work on site.

We will be retrofitting our entire truck fleet, resulting in the avoidance of 271,152 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year, up to a 30% total reduction in emissions from fuel use.

We’re proudly and passionately working towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future and can’t wait to keep implementing more initiatives in this space!

Read the full article about our certification here. 

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