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Counties Energy launches into emissions reduction

Counties Energy has been granted Toitū carbonreduce certification. This comes the same week as they officially launch a pilot programme operating their first hybrid electric truck battery, an initial step on the path to achieving their emission reduction goals.

The certification confirms the company has measured their carbon emissions, had those numbers verified externally and set emissions reduction targets.

One of the company’s bucket trucks has been modified to include a rechargeable electric battery, enabling the diesel engine to be switched off for any remaining work on site.   If the trial is successful, the company will retrofit their entire truck fleet, resulting in the avoidance of 271,152 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year, up to a 30% total reduction in emissions from fuel use.

Counties Energy General Manager Safety, Culture and Sustainability Tracey Kay says the company is thrilled to take this next step on their sustainability journey.

“We’re proudly and passionately working towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future, and with this certification and pilot programme we’re transitioning in the right direction.  We’ve set some emissions reduction targets of 21% by 2025 and 42% by 2030, we’re excited to see the results of the trial as it will be instrumental in us achieving our 2030 target.”

Alongside the reduced emission benefits, the company expects to see additional advantages, such as a healthier work environment for their employees from the removal of diesel fumes and decreased noise levels.

The company has also recently announced the recipients of the second round of Counties Energy Environmental and Sustainability Grant for community projects within the region. For more information on the Grant go to

Counties Energy’s first hybrid electric truck.

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