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Counties Energy brings EnergyMate to Franklin

The award-winning EnergyMate programme is now available for the Franklin community thanks to funding from Counties Energy.  The lines company has extended their energy hardship focus by adding this important programme to their portfolio of initiatives.

The EnergyMate programme is a free in-home coaching service for whānau at risk of energy hardship – such as those who are struggling to pay their power bill or keep their home warm.  The assessors support families to save power and offers tips and tricks to keep homes warm.

Counties Energy Chief Executive Judy Nicholl is thrilled to extend the company’s energy hardship initiatives and offer EnergyMate to their community.

“With the rising cost of living and as the cooler weather creeps in and electricity bills rise, we’re excited to support our community with this highly-regarded programme that helps local families stay warmer and healthier, while also reducing their power use.  We’re focusing on making a real difference to our community through reducing energy hardship within our region, so we’re extremely proud to offer EnergyMate in addition to our other initiatives the Warmer Kiwi Homes and Counties Energy Home Energy Saver programmes.”

The company has teamed up to offer EnergyMate with Franklin Family Support Services who have specially trained energy assessors who work within the local community.

Franklin Family Support Services Chief Executive Robyn Driver says their qualified team will deliver the programme to those who need it most through hui and home assessments.

“Our local budget advisors are well versed in working within our community.  They’ve now been trained as EnergyMate assessors and we’re eager to support local families. Our assessors will take whanau through the programme, show them how to understand their electricity bill, how to work out what plan is the right one for their personal situation and offer tips and tools to save power.  Each family will also receive a goodie box including free eco bulbs to help them reduce their lighting costs.”

“We’re currently seeking candidates for the free EnergyMate assessments – simply drop in and see us, call or email us if you’re interested.”

The Electricity Retailers’ Association (ERANZ), which coordinates EnergyMate, said expanding the service into the area meant it was now available in 18 locations nationwide.

Teresa Perez and Robyn Driver from Franklin Family Support Services with items given to families on the EnergyMate programme

“EnergyMate is all about local coaches helping deliver better energy outcomes in their community, that’s why we’re delighted to work with Counties Energy and Franklin Family Support Services in the southern Auckland and northern Waikato area,” ERANZ chief executive Bridget Abernethy said.
“We want all whānau to live in warm, dry homes with affordable energy costs.”

For more details, as well as tips on saving electricity and how to read your power bill, go to

EnergyMate is funded by ERANZ members, lines companies and the Government and was launched in 2019. To date it has supported more than 1,500 families and has expanded into 18 locations across Aotearoa New Zealand.

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