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Our vision for a DSO transition

Today, Distributed Network Operators (DNOs) play a crucial role in maintaining a reliable electricity network and connecting new customers and small-scale generation. But what does the future hold? Tomorrow, DSOs will transform into “energy orchestrators,” operating an open and participatory service. As primary entry points into the dynamic distribution system, DSOs will welcome new actors like prosumers, EV charging, and demand-side aggregators.

We recognise the significance of transitioning from a DNO to a DSO. This shift will drive performance and resilience on our network while unlocking the full energy potential for our communities, creating shared value for all. Our enhanced DSO capabilities aim to empower customers to be active participants in the low-carbon transition, offering a wider range of energy choices that align with their evolving needs.

Our DSO strategy revolves around being “Customer Obsessed,” delivering relevant outcomes that benefit our customers, communities, and the industry at large. We understand that customers are striving to decarbonise their energy behaviour, and our distribution network must support their goals.

To accommodate the demand for more personalised energy choices, we will evolve beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to energy distribution services. Safety and reliability remain paramount in our dynamic energy system, as we optimize supply and demand in real-time. Leveraging active orchestration and dynamic pricing will further enhance our services, extracting more from the existing network.

We’re reimagining ourselves to meet the energy needs of our customers and communities in the low carbon era. As we transition to DSOs, we are committed to guiding our customers towards a sustainable energy future. We understand that the timing and pace of this transition may vary, but we are proactive in preparing for the changing needs of our communities.

We firmly believe that innovative and community focused DNOs are naturally well-positioned to embrace the DSO role, creating and preserving inter-generational value for our people. At Counties Energy, we are excited to embark on this journey, shaping a brighter and greener future together with our customers and communities.

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