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EV charging roaming trial set to commence in 2024

We’ve teamed our EV charging platform, OpenLoop, up with two other Kiwi EV charging providers, ChargeNet and Z Energy (Z), to launch an EV charging roaming trial, with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) support.

The project aims to develop and trial EV-roaming capability between our EV charging networks, enabling EV drivers to charge at any of three networks from their choice of account – making it easier to charge your EV – no matter where you are.

The project aims to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a more sustainable, electrified transportation system.

The trial demonstrates a shared commitment to sustainable transportation and the transition to a low-carbon future. By embracing innovative technologies and collaboration, we aim to further progress the evolution of New Zealand’s charging infrastructure, supporting the Government’s renewable energy goals and decarbonisation efforts.

You can read more about this 2024 trial in the project’s media release here. 

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