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Supporting Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank to Enable Connection in a Digital Age

As part of Counties Energy’s commitment to “give back” to the community it serves, we have a formal community partnership programme with various community groups, including surf lifesaving, family support services, sports organisations, and many more.

Recently, we were approached by the Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank (PDKB), an organisation rooted in Pukekohe, Auckland, dedicated to serving Māori, Pasifika, and rural communities. Their goal is to provide resources, knowledge, and platforms that uplift and connect these diverse communities. By fostering technological growth, celebrating cultural roots, and creating community-focused initiatives, they endeavour to champion the aspirations and dreams of those they support.

We had the opportunity to provide refurbished devices to PDKB, some of which were passed on to the elderly Pasifika community. By refurbishing and donating these devices, we’re not just providing access to technology—we’re opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities for individuals in our community. Access to these devices empowers individuals to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Counties Energy’s Group Head of Technology Strategy and Product, Fiona Millar, says, “Our association with Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank provides an opportunity to endorse initiatives that impact individuals within our community. By facilitating access to technology and educational resources, we’re empowering individuals to feel connected in the digital age.”

PDKB offers a range of programs designed to enrich lives and bridge the digital divide. Our programs are co-designed with communities to ensure they are fit for purpose. An example is the first professional development learning retreat for three generations, which was launched successfully, see herefor more details.

Akerei Maresala-Thomson, founder and chairperson of PDKB, is a former New Zealand Police Senior Sergeant who sees co-creation in community solutions and leveraging technology as key to empowering communities to thrive. “Our partnership with Counties Energy helps bridge the digital gap, providing essential skills and opportunities for growth. Together, we’re fostering a community where culture, technology, and rural development thrive, while also reducing e-waste in our precious whenua.”

To learn more about the programs offered by Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank and how you can get involved, visit their website here.

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