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Counties Energy Supports Girls with Hi-Vis Initiative

Women working in the yard

Counties Energy recently took a significant step in promoting diversity and inclusion within the power distribution industry by hosting an event aimed at encouraging more wāhine (females) to explore careers in this field. The Girls with Hi-Vis (GWHV) event, held in collaboration with Connexis at Counties Energy’s Pukekohe office and yard, provided a platform to showcase the diverse career opportunities and exciting prospects the industry has to offer.

The event welcomed eighteen enthusiastic students from Tuakau College, Pukekohe High School, and Wesley College, accompanied by four teachers. These students had the unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the operations at Counties Energy, engaging directly with the company’s employees. The event was designed to be interactive and informative, featuring hands-on activities that allowed the students to experience the industry up close.

Counties Energy’s employees, including engineers and line mechanics, shared their personal journeys and professional experiences. Their stories provided inspiration and practical advice, enriching the students’ understanding of what a career in power distribution could look like and highlighting the diverse roles available.

The Girls with Hi-Vis event is a testament to Counties Energy’s commitment to providing young wāhine with a forum to explore the field and its vast opportunities. By doing so, Counties Energy is not only shaping the futures of these young women but also enhancing the industry with fresh perspectives and diverse skills.

Participants learned about the engineering aspects of the business, with demonstrations of machinery and practical applications such as operating cable locators.

Connexis, the country’s leading infrastructure training provider, noted that it is still relatively rare for these types of roles to be presented as viable career options to young women. However, when students are educated regarding the scale of the infrastructure industries and the vast range of careers available, there is a significant level of interest.

The success of the Girls with Hi-Vis event at Counties Energy highlights the critical role of inclusive initiatives in shaping the future workforce. By inspiring and empowering the next generation of female leaders, Counties Energy is contributing to a more diverse and dynamic industry. The company remains committed to continuing efforts like this to ensure that more wāhine can see themselves in roles within the power distribution sector.

As the industry evolves, the need for diverse talent and fresh perspectives becomes increasingly important. Counties Energy’s dedication to such initiatives ensures that the power distribution industry will continue to thrive and innovate, driven by a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities it serves.

Girls in Hi -Vis

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