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Empowering Our Local Primary Schools

A Commitment to Community Support

As a community owned organisation, we are committed to not only keeping the lights on, but also to empowering our community. We understand that different parts of the community we serve have unique needs, and we’re proud to play a part in supporting those needs.

Our community partnerships enable us to touch the lives of our community members and to contribute to their well-being. Our range of community partnerships, from supporting local sporting organisations, to surf lifesaving or engineering programmes for schools, are only some of the diverse ways in which we aim to make a difference.

We’re committed to enriching the next generation, and one way we do that is through our Counties Energy sponsorship school packs. These packs are distributed to nearly 50 primary schools every year, and it’s packed with support for their major events and fundraisers. These are the kinds of events that become the heart and soul of a school: the beloved calf club days, fun-filled raffles, and lively galas. Our mission is simple – to make sure every school gets a fair shot at making these events unforgettable.

By ensuring that every primary school has access to these sponsorship packs, we uphold the values of fairness and inclusivity that define our commitment to the community. It’s our belief that every school should have an equal opportunity to shine. Major school events are not just about fun, they’re about creating memories and raising funds for exciting projects and activities in the community.

Take a glimpse into the heartwarming experiences and memories created by our local schools as seen in the photo below, where the joy and enthusiasm of students is evident during Calf Club Day at Waiau Pa School in 2022.


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