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Winter wellness check for your power supply

Counties Power is reminding property owners that they are responsible for the electrical lines and structures within the boundary of their property and need to regularly check these are in good condition. If not, make urgent contact with an approved contractor to provide remedial work.

Counties Power General Manager Operations Dale Carline says property owners should check and maintain electrical equipment now before the next storm hits. The company sees a lot of outages that could be prevented from privately owned aging lines and poles that have failed in high winds.

“Losing power over winter is no fun – do some proactive checks now and make sure your lights stay on and your heaters cranking as the temperature drops.  Do a simple check now and save yourself the pain of a power outage later.  Look for leaning or damaged poles, low hanging or fraying lines, damaged cross arms and insulators and trees touching or near lines.”

The largest cause of power outages in storms is tree damage which can be easily avoided through maintenance.  Trim and maintain trees near lines and if within four metres of a power line use a specialised arborist and a free safety disconnect.

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