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Lines companies keep close watch on weather

Backup resources are in place should the weather impact power supply. Upper North Island electricity lines companies include Vector, Northpower, Top Energy, WelNetworks and Counties Power. WeatherWatch has forecast strong winds on the back of a large low from Wednesday night to Saturday. Line companies are warning the public to be aware of the potential hazards strong winds and rain can create. Trees and branches crashing into lines and cars colliding with power poles in the wet are both possibilities.

The public are urged to secure garden furniture and trampolines as well as any loose material such as tarpaulins, which are potentially hazardous during storms. Although crews are trained to work in all weather conditions and at any hour, there may be circumstances during which it is unsafe for them to repair outages such as during high winds and lightning strikes. Always treat downed lines as live at all times, report immediately and stay well clear. For more information on power outages and for handy tips and info for Counties Power customers go to Stay up-to-date if the lights go out with our app. Type in your smartphone internet browser now.

People using medical equipment that relies on electricity should ensure they are prepared for power disruptions and if there is an immediate health threat, contact their health provider or call 111.

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