Public EV Charging Price Changes from 2 October 2023

To support the uptake of EVs across our region, Counties Energy has invested in seven public chargers since 2019. Our EV customers across the Franklin region were able to charge for free in the first three years as part of our commitment to encourage EV uptake.

Counties Energy Public EV Chargers

With the uptake of EVs increasing and our public charges being well used, a competitive pricing structure was established in October 2022. Like other charge point owners, we’ve been reviewing pricing in the rapidly changing EV market. We’ve seen other charge point owners remove the per minute charge and implement only the per kWh charge. To this end, we’re streamlining our pricing to align more closely with the rest of market.

Table of new EV public charging model as of 2 October 2023.

As of 2 October 2023, the pricing structure of the following public chargers owned by Counties Energy are as follows:

Tell us about your EV Experience

At Counties Energy, we’re committed to understanding our customers better, including those who drive electric vehicles (EVs). We recognise that EV drivers have unique needs and experiences, and we’re dedicated to serving them effectively.

To achieve this, we’ve developed an EV survey that focuses on EV drivers, their journeys and their charging behaviour. By gathering valuable insights into customers’ experiences, challenges, and pain points, we can work on tailoring future services to better meet their needs.

Complete EV Survey