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Counties Energy adds EV chargers at strategic expressway location

In a New Zealand first, the chargers will showcase renewable energy at its best, set to be powered by a second-life battery system made from discarded Nissan Leaf EV batteries.  The EV chargers are co-funded by Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) as part of the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, while the battery project, due to be commissioned in early 2023, is fully funded by Counties Energy. The 180kW charger will initially operate at 120kW, until the battery is installed.

Counties Energy Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the new site offers one of the most unique EV charging experiences in the country.

“We’re extremely excited to launch this high-powered EV charging solution for drivers, offering extremely fast and convenient charging to keep EV drivers on the move.  Powered by the soon-to-be-installed second-life battery this is a prime example of our distributed systems operator strategy as we work towards decarbonisation and reimagining our energy future.”

Today’s launch also signifies another strategic move for the company as it switches on payment across all EV chargers on its network.

“As we invest in new infrastructure with enhanced EV charging options, we’re also implementing paid charging across all EV chargers located in our network region.  While we’ve offered charging for free for all users for the last three years, our cost-effective charging will commence from today.”

“We’re bringing customers more payment options on our OpenLoop platform with on-account charging, and a pay-as-you-go option coming soon in 2023. Customers with Octopus Energy as their electricity retailer can also pay via their electricity account,” Ms Nicholl says.

Local EV users have been advised of the move to EV charging payment via signage at the chargers and through the company’s social media, website and helpdesk.

From 17 October 2022, the following charges will apply;

  • 24kW Charger – 25 cents per kWh and 15 cents per minute- Mercer Service Centre

  • 50kW Charger – 24 cents per kWh and 24 cents per minute – Glasgow Rd and Seddon Lane Pukekohe, Paerata, Waiuku, Pokeno

  • 180kW Charger – 50 cents per kwh and 25 cents per minute – Mercer Service Centre

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