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Improving Network Reliability in Glenbrook, Karaka and Patumahoe

Given the rapid growth in the area, Counties Energy is making significant investments to upgrade existing network infrastructure to meet demand and to improve network resilience. Residents and businesses in Glenbrook, Karaka, Patumahoe, and nearby communities will benefit from this upgrade that will enable a reliable power supply.

Upgrading the network infrastructure will include replacing 25 power poles and 4km of overhead power lines, along with other essential work. The infrastructure upgrade focuses primarily on the Pakington feeder, which supplies power from the Karaka substation.

The map below shows the areas that will be affected by this network upgrade.

How this work may affect you

To upgrade the network infrastructure safely, a series of planned power outages are scheduled between February and March 2024. In total, there are a total of 10 planned outages but not all customers in Glenbrook, Karaka and Patumahoe area affected by all outages.

Most customers will be affected by 4 planned outages between February and March 2024. All customers will receive an introductory letter or email outlining the work required on the network as well as a list of outages affecting them.

Subsequent to this introductory letter, separate emails or letters will be sent to customers notifying them of each planned outage at least 10 days prior to the outage. This letter or email will be sent to the power account holder. Besides planned outages, there will also be increased traffic in the areas affected with more heavy vehicles than usual, especially on Glenbrook Road.

Planned network upgrades 

  • Power pole replacements
  • Installation of overhead automation switches
  • Overhead power lines replacement
  • Cross-arm and hardware upgrades
  • Other overhead distribution maintenance works



How to prepare for planned outages 

We will be turning the power off to properties at planned times during January to March 2024 so that our crews can carry out the network infrastructure upgrade safely.

Planned outage FAQs

How does Counties Energy inform me about a planned outage?

If your property is going to be affected by a planned outage, you will receive either a letter or an email from Counties Energy. Additionally, you can view upcoming planned outages on our Outage Hub here.

Can I change the date or time of a planned outage affecting me?

Once Counties Energy has sent you a notification with the confirmed date and time for the planned outage, we’re unable to make any changes to this. This is because there are many moving parts of a planned outage that need organising ahead of time – traffic management, crews, vehicles (such as bucket trucks) and equipment.

I’m medically dependent on electricity, who do I contact if I have no power?

We encourage medically dependent customers to have a plan in place for when there are power interruptions. Please ensure you are registered as a ‘medically dependent consumer’ with your current retailer (the company you pay your power bill to). We also recommend that you work with your health provider on an emergency response plan for unscheduled power cuts.

Why can’t you give me a generator during a power outage?

Counties Energy may use commercial sized generators whilst carrying out planned maintenance or upgrades on the network. However, this is not always the case as it depends on the nature of the work. We do not provide generators to individual properties or customers as this is not practical; in some cases outages affect hundreds if not thousands of customers spread across a wide geographical area.

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