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$40m investment to improve power reliability, safety, and capacity for the wider eastern area

In 2023, we’ve invested more than $70m into projects to build and update the network, including investment in technology and new systems to improve customer service and work towards the company’s decarbonisation goals.

One such project is the $40m investment that encompasses the eastern side of the network. The area is undergoing large greenfield development from Auckland’s expansion south alongside State Highway One.

This essential project will improve the wider eastern area’s power reliability, safety, and capacity by upgrading existing equipment and assets and installing new electricity network infrastructure.

This year, a new substation at the end of Barber Road, Bombay, has been completed, replacing the end-of-life Mangatawhiri and Ramarama substations.

Thank you to our community for your patience while we completed works on this project. The new infrastructure results in a safer and more reliable network that powers our homes, farms, and businesses now and into the future.

Image of Barber Road substation

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