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Thefts targeting power lines could cause death to the public

Seven thefts since 12 November, largely in the middle of the night, has resulted in more than one kilometre of conductor stolen and more than 160 hours of combined power outages.  Areas the thefts occurred included Drury, Karaka, Patumahoe and Tuakau.

Counties Power General Manager Operations Dale Carline says the incidents are a major safety concern and could result in injury or even death.

“This illegal activity is extremely dangerous and puts the lives of innocent members of the public at risk, including children simply walking past the area. It also endangers locals in their homes as the neutral wires are cut. This results in stray voltages which can cause electrical shocks from simply touching home appliances.  Each incident leads to up to eight hours of power outage for the area while repairs are made, disrupting homes and businesses.  It could also electrocute the alleged offenders who are cutting the wires.” ”

“We’re appealing to the public if they have seen anything suspicious, have CCTV footage from the dates of the thefts or see anyone other than Counties Power crew around power poles to contact the Police immediately. All Counties Power crews will be in branded vehicles.  Please do not approach the offenders who could be dangerous.””

The incidents occurred in the following locations;

12 November – 77 Lewis Road, Karaka

13 November – 58 Alexander Redoubt Rd, Tuakau

18 November – 92 Bycroft Rd, Karaka

21 November – 178 Quinn Rd Patumahoe

22 November  – 20 Bycroft Rd, Karaka

23 November –  2 -90 Drury Hills Rd, Drury

24 November – Bremner Rd, Drury

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