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Counties Energy customers set for almost $13m in discount payments

Counties Energy’s 47,000 customers will share in a $12.7m windfall as the company distributes their annual discount payment.  As a 100 percent consumer-owned lines company, Counties Energy customers connected to the network on 4 November 2022 will receive the payment, based on power consumption over the period 1 November 2021-31 October 2022.

The Counties Energy discount is paid as a credit on customer’s December or January power bill from their electricity retailer.

Counties Energy Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the record payment for customers signifies another exceptionally busy year for Counties Energy, both in network projects and maintenance and in future proofing the network through strategic projects and investments.

“We’ve continued with our extensive works programme and ensured support of our many community partnerships and initiatives, and of our local environment, while also ensuring that as your 100 percent community-owned energy company, we can return a healthy discount to you. This year we’ve invested more than $70m into projects to build and update your local electricity network and invest in technology and systems to improve service and work towards decarbonisation.  Our robust capital investment programme matches the strong growth occurring throughout our region.”

“We have once again been recognised as a finalist earlier this year at the New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards for our electric vehicle charging platform OpenLoop –  which provides creative and innovative EV charging offerings to Kiwis and enables greater competition in the market.  To be honoured as a finalist four years in a row at these awards, which celebrate the very best of the energy sector, shows the journey we’re on as a company to reimagine energy, developing solutions for the changing energy needs of consumers today, and into the future.”

Counties Energy is the electricity distribution provider for the network that runs from coast to coast between southern Papakura and Mercer, and west of the Waikato River from Mercer to Waikaretu.  The company is owned by the Counties Energy Trust who holds the shares on behalf of electricity consumers.

Counties Energy Trust Chairperson Christine Rupp says the Trust is proud the company has returned a record discount payment to customers, while working to build, maintain and future proof the electricity network for the region.

“Our role as a Trust is to oversee customer’s shareholding in Counties Energy, ensuring the company is working to supply a safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity network.  I thank the Trustees for their role working for the benefit of all power users in the region, and congratulate Counties Energy for their sound management and strategic foresight of this $400m asset for our community.”

Customers can view the amount of discount they will receive online at

To find out more about Counties Energy or to report an outage, go to, call 0800 100 202 or use the app –

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