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COVID-19 discount for all Franklin power consumers

As a 100 percent consumer-owned company Counties Power usually pays an annual discount to all power consumers connected to their network in December.

Counties Power Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the company, along with their shareholder Counties Power Consumer Trust, wish to support the community after the hardships of the recent lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions with an early discount payment.

“We recognise that COVID-19 has been difficult for our community in many ways, with so many families and businesses suffering financially.  As a consumer-owned company it’s important we support our community through this time and have brought the annual Counties Power Discount forward to pay a half-year amount.”

“Our local families are facing higher power bills at home from the lockdown, with many in our community and our local businesses under financial strain,  so we know our customers will appreciate a discount on their power bill now as we deal with the consequences this pandemic has had on us all.  We’re glad to be able to offer some assistance to our community. The average amount of this first payment that a local household will receive from the Counties Power Discount is around $110 and is calculated on power consumed over the period.  The second half of the discount payment will be paid in December, no doubt a welcome relief at Christmas.”

Counties Power will provide a discount to power customers who were connected to their network on 1 May 2020, based on power consumption over the previous six months.  The more power consumed,  the greater the discount.  The Counties Power Discount will be paid as a credit on customers’ June or July power bill from their electricity retailer. Customers can view the amount of discount they will receive online at   The other half of the Counties Power Discount will be paid to customers at the usual time in December.

Counties Power is the electricity distribution provider for the network that runs from coast to coast between southern Papakura and Mercer, and west of the Waikato River from Mercer to Waikaretu and keeps the power flowing by owning, managing and maintaining the local power lines and infrastructure.  Counties Power is one of the largest companies in the Franklin region and 100 percent owned by consumers through the Counties Power Consumer Trust who holds the shares on behalf of electricity consumers. The company operates and funds the Counties Power Discount, through a line charge that consumers pay to their electricity retailer.

To find out more about Counties Power or to report a fault, go to, call 0800 100 202 or use the app –

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