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Counties Energy offers new home energy saver programme

The Counties Energy Home Energy Saver programme is a partnership between Counties Energy Trust, Counties Energy and energy-efficient lightbulb producers Ecobulb. The project also received funding from the Government’s Support for Energy Education in Communities (SEEC) programme.

Counties Energy Trust Chairperson Christine Rupp says it is expected the Energy Saver Programme will deliver $421,000 in annual energy savings for the 600 local households who receive energy assessments.

“We’re training a team of local energy assessors to deliver personalised energy education to their communities on how to make their homes warmer and more energy efficient, to help them find the lowest cost electricity retail plan with their existing electricity retailer and to supply free energy saving products.  A total of 8,771 Ecobulb LED bulbs and screw in downlights and 550 energy efficient lightbulbs will be given out through the programme in the Counties Energy region this year.”

Some tips to follow to reduce energy consumption is to turn lights and appliances off when not in use, close curtains before the sun goes down in the winter to keep in heat, and to shorten the time spent in the shower.

Counties Energy Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the programme will make a real difference to families suffering energy hardship within our community.

“This initiative will make a positive difference to local whanau, resulting in warmer, drier, healthier and more energy efficient homes, simply through education targeted to people’s personal living arrangements, swapping to free eco bulbs and following the other tips offered.”

“We were proud to deliver more than 150 Counties Home Energy Saver assessments for locals at the Counties Energy Pukekohe Show last month, introducing people to the programme and giving away free eco bulbs, funded by the Counties Energy Trust. This was a great way to see the programme in action and learn how some small changes can result in large energy savings.”

To register for an energy assessment in your local area, please email:

The Counties Energy Home Energy Saver programme is just one of the energy hardship initiatives Counties Energy delivers to their community.  Along with Winter Warmer packs offered through Franklin Family Support Services, the company also co-funds the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme which will insulate 100 local homes free of charge this year.  To find out more about the programme, the criteria and to register for the scheme go to

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